Karen stumbled on photography when in the process of getting her Music Degree at York University; she needed an unrelated fine art course and knew instinctively that Interpretive Dance wouldn’t cut it. Her work has been published in such periodicals as ‘Noteworthy’ & ‘The Recorder’, and has covered events such as The International Women's Brass Convention, The Canadian Independant Schools Music Festival at Roy Thompson Hall, & International Horn Day at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Toronto.

When Karen isn’t working with the Canadian Opera Company shooting the Richard Bradshaw Concert Series at The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, she is a domestic goddess to her husband Larry, and her daughters, Lauren (the 13-yr-old) Allyson (the 8-yr-old) and Manteiga (The Wonder Dog).

Karen would like to thank Chris Donnelly and Alma Records for allowing her to use the music to which you are listening. 'Rise' is the second cut from Chris' second CD entitled "Metamorphosis".